Monsoon Disaster

Monsoon Disaster

Cyclone Aila Story 2009

 “we’ve been waiting here six hours for water but still nobody arrived with waters” said Nazma begum around 50 of  Shamnagar showing hes empty water jar. She said again “we had everything just before three days ago but only within 15-20 minutes devastation of cyclone we become pauper. Now we don’t even have place to bury the dead bodies”. She added “we haven’t eaten anything for two days & we don’t know how long we can survive without any food & water”. It has become a common and familiar scene in the affected areas that people have been waiting in the streets in queues for food and water.

At least 275 people have been killed and millions have been displaced by cyclone Aila, which hit parts of coastal Bangladesh and eastern India on May 25th 2009 . Shyamnagar Upazila, an area of Bangladesh’s Satkhira district that has seen some of the worst damage.

The cylone triggered tidal surges and severe flooding. Several thousand homes in the area were washed away while agricultural land was swamped. More than 500 shrimp farms were flooded by five to seven feet high tidal surges in the affected area. Aid agencies are warning that a lack of food and clean drinking water could lead to many more deaths

These peoples lost everything literally in recent cyclone hits which destroys all the necessary belongings of life. Now the status of their life is most vulnerable. They are crawling to life with all their strength of soul .Even though they are smashed & destroyed heavily but still they are unbeaten like a real survival of the fittest.

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